Buddy’s Gym has a wide range of facilities to enhance and support your fitness lifestyle. Register as a member and have full access to:

Cardio Room

Our Cardio Room is equipped with the most up to date cardio equipment including treadmills, Stairmasters, spinners and elliptical machines. Enjoy our cardio theatre TV with preset channels including news, music and sports.


Our traditional sauna can accomodate 12 persons.  Conveniently located near our changing rooms, you can easily have a good, healthy sweat. Feel your tension fade and your muscles unwind, and emerge relaxed and invorgoated.

Abs Room

Everyday should be abs day,  At Buddy’s Gym, abs days are demanding. To ensure everyone gets the workout they want and deserve, we have a spacious room designed for only abdominal workouts. Our Abs Room is well equipped to help advance your workout and includes abs boards, abdominal crunch machines, punching bags, rowing machines and abdominal twist machines . Don’t be limited due to insufficient equipment or clustered workout area.

Weight Equipment

Weight lifting is the essence is building body or simply loosing body weights. Our modern facility is equipped with state-of-the-art and a wide range of weight lifting equipment.  These include Pec-deck machines, seated machine bench presses, body masters side lateral machines, Nautilus press machines and Nautilus triceps machines The team at Buddy’s Gym understands the importance of your body and will work with you  to achieve yur best results.

Aerobics Room

Our Aerobics classes do not require additional fee for joining this programme, it’s free to all our members. As a aerobic member you have access to our trainer, aerobics room facilities, and equipment which includes workout balls, hand weights, resistance bands, aerobics mats and step-ups.